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UPDATE MAY 15, 2020:

"Safe Elopements": Get Married During Lockdown

Marriage is about selflessness and teamwork, and so is surviving a crisis.
We're here to help you through.

Private weddings via videoconference have been made allowable by the State, and Los Angeles Countyis currently offering video marriage licensing and civil solemnization. This is the ONLY allowable electronic marriage service in L.A. County. PRIVATE VIDEO WEDDING CEREMONIES ARE NOT LEGALLY VALID FOR CEREMONIES IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY.

We have obtained a limited number of confidential marriage licenses and are currently offering "Safe Elopements" for couples who need marriage licensing and ceremony to complete their legal marriage. Please see our sister site MarriageToGo.Com for details.

You bring the love, and your IDs. I'll work with you to provide a safe and legal marriage experience that is both pleasant and fully compliant with state and local health and marriage regulations. Golden Oak Weddings ceremonies are as unique as you are; wedding celebrations that you can fondly remember (even in the midst of a public health crisis).

Don't worry, we can help you with streaming or recording your ceremony for your family and friends, because "socially distanced" doesn't have to mean "isolated" or "uncelebrated."

This pandemic year has impacted how we live and work, and how we do weddings too. For the duration of 2020, we will be perfonming couples-only services (no guests or photographers) at our private, outdoors-only location on the Westside of Los Angeles, or on a on a drive-by basis (no guests/no photographers/travel fees apply). These restrictions are in compliance with the L.A.County Deparment of Public Health's requirements for marriage ceremonies in L.A. County, and are meant to preserve your health and safety as well as ours. We will still endeavor to bring richness and meaning to your "safe elopement" as we have for each wedding we've conducted over the past two decades.

We welcome couples of all faiths (or lack thereof) for customizable civil elopement ceremonies, with your marriage license or ours.

Allies! We are also marriage equality and LGBT allies. If you're a same-sex couple thinking about marrying, we provide a safe space for you to make it official and would be honored to serve you.


  • You must already be living together.
  • Your ceremony must take place in California. You need not be a resident to qualify.
  • You must be over 18 and have a valid, unexpired government-issued ID like a drivers license or passport that shows your complete legal name, no abbreviations, errors, or omissions.
  • You must present proof of any dissolution of marriage/SRDP that became final within the last two years, and proof of legal name changes at any time. You may also be required to present other documents (like a birth or naturalization certificate) to verify your information.

You can find "Safe Elopement" rates here. We provide excellent service and have tons of experience to offer--as well as five-star reviews and references--and our fees are set accordingly. When we are able, we offer courtesy discounts to active military, firefighters, front-line medical and law enforcement personnel, and hospice patients.

If you don't currently cohabit you don't qualify for a confidential license, but you can obtain a public license from a CA County Clerk's office or wait until L.A. County launches its e-licensing and solemnization service. Notaries cannot issue public licenses. You'll still need valid ID and proof of divorce/name changes. Both confidential and public licenses can be purchased or solemnized anywhere in California.

This is new territory for everyone in California, but I'm here to help you figure it out so you can get married quickly, easily, and SAFELY.

I'm grateful to the State of California for making marriages possible again. Love and the legal rights of marriage are both important in a crisis, and now you can celebrate them both in safety.

Your health and happiness is very important to me--that's why I do what I do. Please email me with any questions and hope to be of service to you soon.

Golden Oak Weddings: For Health and Happiness.

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