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How It Works

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Getting married requires two things: a marriage license and a solemnization (the fancy name for the required consent to the marriage, usually given during a wedding ceremony).

I offer both custom-crafted ceremony officiation and confidential marriage licenses for those who qualify. This means your legal marriage can be accomplished without a visit to County offices to purchase a marriage license yourself. There are restrictions on confidential marriage licensing, so see if you meet the requirements here.

The First Step: Defining Your Vision

The Golden Oak process begins with a conversation about your specific wedding vision and needs. Once we've defined the parameters, you can choose from multiple options for ceremony creation and customization. We also discuss your marriage licensing options to ensure your ceremony will be legally valid and binding.

The Next Step: Exchanging Information and Generating Material

Once we know where we're going, the work begins. We'll begin building your ceremony framework and populating it with materials of your choosing. I have a large archive of original and curated materials at your disposal, and I am happy to create new texts just for you. You may also add content from any sources you like, including your own personal writings and correspondence, rituals, and vows.

If you've opted for confidential marriage licensing, you'll email me your marriage license application along with any needed documentation for review and approval. Once your application is complete, we'll schedule your marriage license signing sometime in the week before your wedding.

The Last Step: Making It Happen Happily

During pre-rehearsal consultation, we work together to plot out the most visually appealing staging and clean, elegant choreography so everyone can feel confident and comfortable with their movements.

The week leading up to a wedding is intense--many tasks, many feelings. You'll receive a special email to help you focus on each other and your loved ones, and I'm always around if you have questions or just need someone to listen. Keeping your heart open through this busy time is important if you want your wedding day to be sweet and beautiful, inside and out.

On the wedding day, my job as the guardian of the "sacred space" includes helping you stay balanced and in the moment as you experience the words and rituals of marriage. I'll guide you through the transitions into and out of your ceremony so you have adequate physical and emotional space to prepare for each phase. Before you go, I'll touch base with you to answer any final questions and wish you well. The next day, I'll process and mail your marriage documents so you can relax and enjoy that newlywed feeling without bureaucratic bother.

Enjoying The Journey

For those who wish to explore and deepen their understanding of the wedding process, I offer optional "focus meetings" to help connect the emotional and philosophical dots of getting married. Casual and conversational, these meetings focus on outlook and goal-setting for both the wedding and your marriage.

Pre- and post-ceremony mindfulness rituals are an option for keeping you calm and connected; I can also guide you during scheduled private moments focused on savoring and contemplating the day.

The Results

When we concentrate on keeping our inner landscape serene and beautiful on our wedding day, we end up with an experience that is memorable for all the right reasons. When a wedding ceremony is done well, all the feelings, words, and happy moments live inside your mind and heart, and they will nourish you forever. We think that's a gift worth a little extra time and planning, and that's the gift we'd like to help you give each other.

My work in life is helping couples build a ritual that fulfills their deepest dreams of love and commitment--their "true wedding." I hope to be of service to you soon.

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