Why We're Different

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Every officiant has their own perspective on love, marriage, and weddings, as well as a unique work ethic. It's important for couples to carefully question prospective officiants about their values and work flow, as well as soliciting referrals to rule out those bad actors who exploit weddings as a cash cow or personal soapbox. An exceptional wedding experience relies on your officiant being willing to build trust and serve your vision and purpose, not their own.

I prioritize building that trust and rapport with you, so we can discover your "true wedding" and make it happen together. Weddings are more than just a job to me; they are a calling, a vocation. I have a deep personal commitment to doing this work right, and after 15+ years creating and conducting thousands of ceremonies, I come to you with a wide range of experience and--perhaps--a little wisdom about what it's like to get married and stay married.

I believe weddings are a sacred space where magical, joyful connections can occur, both for you and your assembled guests. My intention is to serve that moment with thoughtfulness and compassion.

I also believe couples have an unalienable right to a wedding that reflects their relationship, principles, and style, whatever those may be. It's my job to elicit and represent your unique stories and beliefs with integrity and grace.

Most importantly, I am a true believer in love and its transformative, healing power. As a longtime married person, I know from experience how healthy happy marriages enhance our existence, and how they provide us with benefit well beyond the merely legal. My marriage informs my work, and in return I am continually educated by the love and wisdom of my clients.

Wedding officiation is how I make my livelihood, but I am devoted to it because it is rich in lovely intangibles. I am ever thankful for those intangibles, and hope to always let that gratitude and delight shine in my work.