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Summer 2020: The Pandemic, Marriage, and You

Elizabeth Oakes is a notary authorized to issue California confidential marriage licenses and a non-denominational minister and humanist celebrant. To be legally married, one must first obtain a marriage license and then have it solemnized (that is, give consent or have a ceremony during which one gives consent). Golden Oak Weddings can provide both these services for a complete legal marriage.

Due to the pandemic, strict social-distancing rules are in place and the classic style of wedding gatherings and celebrations are currently not permitted. Couples may marry in the presence of their officiant and one legal witness (if required) only. Ceremonies by videoconference have been authorized by the State as an option for California counties, but Los Angeles has not exercised this option and private video wedding ceremonies are NOT legally valid for marriage anywhere in L.A. You can still stream your marriage to virtual "guests," but the couple and officiant must appear in person in each other's presence for a legally binding ceremony to take place.

Many weddings have been canceled or postponed for the duration, but some couples are in need of an elopement or civil wedding for legal reasons. For those who still wish to get married this summer, we are currently offering a "Safe Elopement" service through our sister site MarriageToGo.Com. You can click here or email for more details.

Your health and safety are our primary concerns--that's why we do what we do. In this uncertain time, the rights and benefits of marriage are important tools that help us take good care of each other. We are here to help you get married easily and sweetly, despite the difficulties and disappointments of the current crisis. We wish you and yours safe and well, and hope to be of service to you soon.

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